Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation or hostile aggressive parenting. It is sad but true that such thing actually exists and that we can actually put a name to it

I am hoping to raise awareness about this subject and to help others understand what it is and what it causes. It has been approximately 4 years now since I have seen, talked to or even had a recent picture of my son. This is now my time to speak out and to speak out on behalf of parents and families that do not deserve to be treated like this by the opposing parent or courts for that matter.

I am just a man who loves his child but is denied by his former spouse to be able to give, show or even tell his son that he loves him.

I will be updating this blog with facts of this syndrome, hoping to make a stand and a voice heard for all the parents out there that are denied being able to enjoy their children.

This is a start and I am hoping someone out there has the answers that I do not have.

Please feel free to leave a message, comment, link or advice.

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2 Responses to Parental Alienation Syndrome

  1. Sistah Rise says:

    I’m so sorry, first of all, for what you’re going through. This is very serious to me as I am a woman although, not a parent yet. I can’t even imagine how I would feel if someone refused me my right to see, parent, love, and guide my child. I want to apologize to you on behalf of the behavior of your child’s mother. I really wish women of all races and backgrounds would stop this foolishness of taking out their frustrations for a man on their child. When will they realize that ultimately the child is hurting and will be affected greatly? Well, all I have to say is to hang in there. If you’re a man of prayer, take it to God, in prayer. Ask him to read her heart and motives. No matter what, keep trying and don’t give up. No matter what! This will mean alot to your son. These type of actions always backfire on the unmerciful parent. Trust!

  2. Joe Sterling says:

    The sad thing is, it is not just me who is suffering. There are sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great grandparents that are suffering as well. As stated it has been four years since he has seen anyone on my side of the family. Unfortunately the courts will not recognize what is going on. My persistance will pay off and I will see my son one day and the truth will be known.

    Thank you and be blessed.

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